Public Art

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The Saint Luke’s Foundation has invested nearly $200 thousand for Public Art in the Buckeye Shaker area, which has contributed toward:

  • the creation of a distinct neighborhood identity
  • a heightened sense of place
  • greater pride in the community
  • creation of an interesting place, in the spirit of and advancing the Buckeye community’s Art and Soul theme
  • enhanced appreciation of the community as a special place with traditions of its own worth preserving

Building on the theme of Art and Soul, Buckeye installed a pocket park and art installation created by sculptor James Simons at Buckeye Road and East 118th Street. This project was developed in collaboration with ParkWorks, Cleveland Public Art, architect Jim McKnight, the Saint Luke’s Foundation and Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. View the dedication ceremony of the Art and Soul Park here.

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The Harvey Rice School design team comprised of Bowen and Associates architects, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District representatives, Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation, and Neighborhood Progress recognizing the importance of instilling a sense of personal ownership and investment for the students and community members, developed a number of design elements that provide the opportunity for community inclusion in the completion of the new Harvey Rice School building.

One of these opportunities included a series of panels within the main lobby of the building for community/student developed artwork (murals). The intention was that they would be actively created by community members, school alumni, and students under the guidance of one or more skilled artists. The nationally-known artists selected for this project were Angelica Pozo, Anna Arnold, and Hector Vega led the artwork development, execution, and installation into the provided alcoves. The resulting artwork was a series of mosaic tile murals, painted panels, and mixed media as determined through the artistic development. These murals are located in the central space of the school and are positioned with illumination to be a very prominent visual focus when viewed from the parking area, Library, East 116th Street and Shaker Boulevard. The hope is that this artwork will serve to encourage an ongoing interaction and dialog between the school and the neighborhood.

Park beautification continues throughout our neighborhoods as well. The Apple Tree was also designed by artist Hector Vega, and the surrounding site by architect Jim McKnight. This beautification project continues today for Woodland Avenue, Mt. Carmel Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

Art Galleries

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