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Greater Circle Living offers down payment assistance to employees of University Hospital, Cleveland, Clinic, and Case Western Reserve who purchase property in several neighborhoods in Cleveland. The Buckeye, Shaker Square and Larchmere neighborhoods  are eligible neighborhoods for the program.

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Buckeye, Larchmere and Woodland Hills residents, merchants and institutional stakeholders have been actively engaged in planning and implementation of transformative projects that bring about social, environmental, economic and equitable change.

Our goal for 2014 is to increase community participation in efforts to generate creative ideas on how to make the Buckeye, Larchmere, Shaker Square and Woodland Hills neighborhoods strongerhealthier, more sustainablesmarter and SAFE.

In the past 5 years, the Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation (BSSDC) has enjoyed more than $113 million in new investment from the public and private sector. This includes new housing, public art, parks and green spaces, housing rehabilitation, a youth workforce program and much more.

From 2009 to 2013, 280 homeowners have benefitted in one or more components of Curb Appeal, Healthy Homes or Model Blocks Improvements Programs.

Improvements include painting, landscaping, roof replacement, porch improvements, yard lamps, window replacement, and obtaining energy efficient upgrades.

In all, a total investment of $1.3 million in home improvements and more than $885,000 in public infrastructure improvements have been made.

BSSDC service boasts two vibrant commercial retail districts as well as three RTA transit stops that are easily accessible to all.

With a bounty of affordable tenant spaces, new merchants are finding the community to be a very attractive community to start a business.

Equally attractive is the diversity of homes and rental properties available to all, and the Buckeye, Larchmere, Shaker Square and Woodland Hills neighborhoods are lauded for having some of the finest historic and architecturally significant buildings in the city.

The 23 million dollar Harvey Rice learning campus features the state of the art Harvey Rice elementary school that boasts smart technology in each class room including 28 smart boards throughout the school and a computer lab equipped with 32 computers.  The school is completely equipped with web-based education aids, and an accelerated Reader and Study Island accessible at school, home or the library. In addition, the Student Parent Organization is growing in numbers and has connected with BSSDC for great outreach concerning housing, health and other issues that impact families and learning.

With all these great new developments, we are sure you will find the neighborhoods of Buckeye, Larchmere, Shaker Square and Woodland Hills to be a great place to live, work and play.