Buckeye Woodhill Station


At a cost of $3.5 million the new Buckeye Woodhill Station features two open glass canopies leading down to the tracks, new platforms, and a unique ramping system to meet accessibility requirements. Public art includes a stainless steel sculpture of a microphone designed by local artist Stephen Manka. The “manka-phone” is a 20’ foot high 40” style microphone that trumpets the jazz history that is the “Art and Soul” of Buckeye. An intricate ceramic tile in-lay within the hillside of colorful ribbons designed by Richard Fleischman is entitled “ribbons of hope.” These ribbons provide colorful strands in the hillside. The colors were inspired by the cultural history of the neighborhood incorporating station designed by Richard Fleischmann.

The RTA renovated Woodhill with funding received as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The platforms were renovated with tactile edges installed, the covered stairways were replaced with ones of a more contemporary design and appearance, and new wheelchair ramps were installed, making the station ADA accessible. The rebuilt station was dedicated on October 23, 2012.

The RTA also co-sponsored with BSSDC a Woodhill Station Area Plan generously funded by the Saint Luke’s Foundation and NOACA. This plan provides a development framework for the immediate area that includes housing development, park developments, landscaping, roadway, bike and pedestrian enhancements. The goal of the plan is to leverage the RTA Station investment. The plan focuses on practical enhancements that can be implemented quickly at a reasonable cost. The idea is to make some immediate improvements to the area for the benefit of the residents while continuing to work on the longer term economic development projects.

The East 116th Station is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2014. RTA will continue to enhance the ridership in the area, while leveraging its investments in the stations.