About Us

Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation

Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation (BSSDC) is one of the most productive development corporations in The City of Cleveland. In order to continue the resurgence, partnerships must strengthen, community engagement must continue, obtainable planning goals must spur investment, and catalytic commercial/ housing developments must renew the perception of the viability of the neighborhood. BSSDC is positioned to turn neighborhood progress into an opportunity to create a great place to a live, work and play.

Location / Service Area

The Buckeye Shaker area, which BSSDC services, is roughly bounded by Fairhill Road to the north, S. Moreland Avenue to the east, Woodhill Road to the east and Lamontier Street to the south. View BSSDC Area Map.


Buckeye Shaker is comprised of mixed incomes, races, creeds and nationalities. From young to old, low income to high, our strength is in our diversity as we pride ourselves in being one of the most culturally diverse service areas in the City of Cleveland.

Mission & Vision

As the primary agent for change in the Buckeye Shaker area, the mission of BSSDC is to plan, organize and coordinate resources and activities that will empower the community at large to enhance the quality of life through positive revitalization, stabilization and growth in the Buckeye Shaker area of Cleveland, Ohio. As an outstanding community development corporation, BSSDC creates opportunities for homeownership for low- to moderate-income residents, as well as opportunities for small businesses, health, education, childcare and social service institutions.

The goals of Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation are to:

  • Strategically position the Buckeye community for housing market recovery
  • Boost the local area economy and improve the physical appearance of the area’s primary corridors through strategic investment
  • Create a strong social infrastructure to ensure continued civic engagement and sustainability in community building efforts
  • Increase the safety of individuals and property within the Buckeye area
  • Create a physical and social environment that promotes education, health, neighborhood confidence and marketability
  • Establish a cultural arts and entertainment mecca that fosters a non-traditional live/work environment